Glass and Glass Processing

Homeowners grateful for TuffX Processed Glass

TuffX Processed Glass says it has ‘supplied the finest glass the property-owners could have desired’ for renovations at a family home in Cornwall.

A Cornwall based installer contacted TuffX requesting glass for a staircase and a balcony at the house. TuffX recommended that 19mm curved toughened-laminated glass should be used for the balcony, and 19mm flat toughened-laminated glass was used for the staircase. The client agreed and put an order in for a total of 40m² of toughened-laminated glass.

A spokesperson for the installer said: “TuffX was so helpful in the purchasing process, they talked me through what would be best for the job and it was delivered on the requested date and time. The glass looks exquisite and gives this home the perfect modern look it desired.”

TuffX Processed Glass manufactures high performance toughened safety glass in a variety of thicknesses and styles including balustrading, stairs, and glass canopies.