As good as new with Ritec’s ClearShield

product1 products2So ‘dramatic’ was the renovation and protection of a 16,500m² glass facade using the ClearShield Eco-System at the Grand Hotel Tijuana, Mexico, that regular guests were reportedly convinced that the glass had actually been replaced.

Located within the central business district of Tijuana, Mexico, the complex consists of two towers, one of which houses the five-star Grand Hotel. At 89.9m high (28 storeys), the impressive towers were reportedly among the first skyscrapers built in the city, and certainly the tallest when their construction was completed in 1982.

After 35 years of exposure to the elements, Ritec says that the ClearShield Eco-System’s unique renovation process brought the hotel’s glass back to its ‘original sparkling appearance’. It was also treated to ClearShield for added protection, and to ensure it can resist further staining.

Pink, blue and purple aluminium profiles around the glass also underwent a deep clean with Ritec’s specialist Ritepolish product to complete the full restoration of the facade. The work was carried out by Transparencia en Servicios – Ritec International’s partner in Mexico.

Gerardo Delgado, the Grand Hotel’s operations manager, said: “We tried different products but we were unhappy with the results and our patience almost ran out. After a successful test with ClearShield, we decided to apply it to the whole building and the results are outstanding.”

Ritec International’s MD, Stephen Byers, commented: “If you need a proven and durable solution to ‘problem glass’, and wish to avoid costly replacement, contact us now at We have a global network of partners that can help you.”