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GGF forms government advisory panel

Phil Pluck

Phil Pluck

Following the Grenfell Fire tragedy and terror attacks in London and Manchester, the GGF says it has formed a new government advisory panel (GAP) that will be part of its Political Strategy Committee.

The GGF says the new panel will allow it to ‘co-ordinate its internal resource and members’ opinions to enable swifter and more focused (but fully considered) responses to emergency situations’.

The GGF anticipate that the panel ‘will be particularly effective when government (local and national) may require expert advice on the many products, services and sectors covered by the GGF membership’.

Phil Pluck, GGF chief executive, said: “It is important that the GGF offers government solutions and support when incidents concerning glass and glazing occur. The new government advisory panel will help the GGF pull together its internal resources and members’ expertise more effectively and efficiently.”

GAP will consist of two ‘nominated experts’ from each of the GGF’s specialist groups.