Extended living

According to Ultraframe, recent consumer research has found that many homeowners are now gravitating towards new living spaces that give them a more room-like extension feel.

Ultraframe’s marketing director, Alex Hewitt, said: “The lines between what defines a conservatory and an extension are becoming increasingly blurred, with many homeowners now favouring structures which may be based on conservatory principles, but are closer in terms of their appearance and thermal performance to an extension. Our Livinroof system is just one of our products which allows our customers to get their share of this burgeoning market. Externally it features a solid roof in on-trend anthracite grey which can be complemented with glazed panels wherever the homeowner desires, while the plastered internal vaulted ceiling creates that all-important extension feel.”

Ultraframe installer, Cardinal Home Improvements, is said to have used Livinroof to steer business in a different direction, as co-owner Steve Battye explained. He said: “As the solid roof market took off, we knew that this was a profitable sector that we wanted to get involved in. Livinroof has allowed us to move into the profitable extensions area of home improvements. We were confident when Ultraframe launched Livinroof that their solid roof solution would be the best – and we weren’t wrong.”