Showcasing ‘today’s modern door panel’

Phoenix Doors, part of the MASCO UK Window Group, has redesigned its Cambridgeshire Collection PVC door panel brochure ‘to reflect the full extent of its impressive product range’.

This includes the introduction of the Ely – the first new panel style for six years – and innovative glass designs featuring new colours and resin bevelled shapes.

Phoenix Doors’ sales director, Haydon Statham, commented:

“Colour in the glass is very important as this is what helps to sell the doors. Phoenix has taken glass in panels to new levels, driven by what we have learned from composite doors. I believe we have raised the bar on the new glass to the level that we feel every other panel manufacturer in the UK will want to aspire to.”

The ‘stylish’ 20-page brochure is specifically designed to help retail installers present the extensive range of panel styles, colours and glazing designs to consumers and, crucially, how each door can be personalised to a buyer’s particular preference and taste.

Complementing a choice of eight door colours, including grey and cream, plus three woodgrain foiled finishes, is a full range of what is described as ‘quality and attractive’ hardware, supplied in a range of finishes. From door-knockers to numerals, letterplates and spyholes, hardware is available in gold, chrome, satin chrome, black, and white.

Images of new decorative glass options, such as the contemporary Fusion Tiles, are also featured in response to growing demand for a ‘modern look’, echoing the styles of composite doors.

Haydon continued:

“Some may argue that panels are a ‘passé’ product, but it’s certainly not the case from our point of view. We are still experiencing sustained demand from our customers and they tell us that they’re still selling a lot of panels; hence we have continued to invest in a product that our customers want.

“It’s why we have produced what we consider to be our finest panel brochure to date, showcasing the key elements and packed full of innovative designs aimed at inspiring the homeowner, while also helping salespeople to close sales.”

Haydon added:

“This is our first new panel brochure for a while so we’ve taken the time to display plenty of fresh and stimulating ideas. For someone seeking an interesting door that is less expensive than a composite door, they now have a fantastic choice according to their budget.

“Door technology has moved on in the last decade and our panels have kept up with that trend, incorporating improved glass bonding agents and better watertightness, for example. Much ‘unseen’ technology goes into today’s modern door panel.”

To your copy of the brochure, contact Phoenix Doors on 01487 740469, email or visit

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