Two Glass Brands under one roof

Clayton Glass is a multi-award-winning business that has been listed as one of the 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain in 2019. The company says that its Smartglass product has long been associated with ‘outstanding quality and performance’ and that the recent acquisition of the Celsius Glass brand brings ‘further product capability’ to customers.

From a technical perspective, Clayton Glass says that the customers of both Celsius and Smartglass now have additional brand propositions and technical capabilities to promote to discerning consumers. With a ‘U’ value of 0.9 W/(m2K), Celsius Elite is said to be the first dedicated conservatory roof glass to achieve a sub 1.0 rating, while Smartglass Ultra 86 is the sector benchmark for a g-value of 86%. Clayton Glass says that trade partners can now choose the best glass for each individual project and to support consumer demand.

With combined resources and expertise, Clayton Glass says that a research and development programme is now being introduced to help realise a next generation glass solution, that offers both a market-leading ‘U’ value and g-value in a single IGU. At the same time, the company adds that there are other product developments being looked at for glass roofs, along with bi-folding and patio doors options.

Ryan Green, managing director of Clayton Glass, commented: “We want both the Celsius and Smartglass brands to enjoy cross selling opportunities with the ultimate conservatory roof glass offering and this is a major plus for customers. While we continue to invest in further service initiatives, we’re also undertaking careful research and development to create the next generation of specialist glass for the glazed roof and bi-folding and patio door markets.”