Stay summer secure

Avocet Hardware has launched a summer social media campaign, that it says is in response to the significant increase in domestic burglaries and outdoor thefts that occur every summer.

According to Avocet, statistics show a 10% increase in burglaries every summer and a 40% increase in outdoor thefts.

Meanwhile, a recent Office for National Statistics crime survey for England and Wales reported that 92% of all domestic burglary in a dwelling is committed through the front or back door; 52% and 40% respectively.

Derrick Purvis, marketing manager of Avocet Hardware, said: “The school holidays are a busy time for burglars as many houses are left empty when people head off for a getaway. Throw in the light nights and warmer weather and it’s no wonder there’s an increase in break-ins.”

“We want people to enjoy their summer holidays without worrying about their home, which is why we are running a campaign that will tell people exactly what they need to do to keep their homes secure all summer long.”

As part of the campaign, Avocet will be introducing Ollie the redundant guard – a cartoon character who has had his day job ruined by the installation of ABS locks throughout his owners’ home.

“We had great fun coming up with Ollie, and have a whole host of different characters lined up for later in the year,” said Derrick.