2018 Glazing Summit announced

The 2018 Glazing Summit is scheduled to take place at St Johns Hotel and Conference Centre, Solihull, on Tuesday 22 May, and is being billed as a ‘powerful forum’ for fabricators, installers, glass companies, distributors and material suppliers to come together and discuss key industry issues and trends.

According to the Summit’s organisers, Insight Data and Purplex Marketing, a line-up of experts will debate the ‘new landscape’ as opportunities and threats emerge across the industry; from the impact of Brexit and the housing crisis, the latest marketing trends, new developments in products and materials and disruptive technologies.

The Summit promises to tackle current issues head-on, including fire regulations and safety, implications of employed and self-employed rulings for salespeople and fitters, and new legislation such as GDPR.

Those attending will discover how the industry is evolving following a string of mergers and acquisitions, and get the inside track on why some of the established ‘big players’ in the industry could disappear in the years ahead.

Andrew Scott, managing director of Insight Data, commented: “Our industry is worth over £4 billion, has over 15,000 businesses and employs tens of thousands of people. After Insight Data published the latest Window Industry Report we were swamped with industry leaders wanting answers to some big questions. The Glazing Summit aims to answer those questions – and many more besides.”