Authentic style

Nottinghamshire’s Nova Trade Frames has announced that it is now offering its trade customers ‘the most authentic’ heritage-style PVC-U windows on the market, with the introduction of run through sash horns for its heritage and Total70 profiles.

Nova Trade Frames, a family run business, is an authorised Rehau partner that supplies trade and retail customers nationwide. It recently invested £10,000 in a new end miller machine to create the authentic looking run through horns for its Rehau profiles.

Nova Trade Frames says it has been offering the integral run through sash horns on its profiles since the new manufacturing equipment was installed in February, and claims that it now sells very few heritage windows without them included in the spec.

Alex Hunt, managing director of Nova Trade Frames, said: “In the past we had bought in the run through sash horns from a competitor as a specialist item for customers requesting it, but with the numbers we were doing on the heritage windows side of our business, it just made more sense to invest in the equipment to create the run through sash horns ourselves.

“It was a big outlay in terms of commissioning the equipment and training for our production staff, but it’s proving to be such a popular option for our customers that we will see a return on that investment very quickly.”

Rick Cole, area sales manager from Rehau, said: “Innovation in the glazing industry doesn’t always mean looking forward, it can also mean creating the most traditional period windows to suit the needs of older-style properties. By investing in machinery to deliver seamless run through sash horns, Nova Trade Frames has taken the authenticity of our heritage frames a step further, and we wish them every success with their new venture as their bespoke offer will certainly set them apart from the crowd.”