Don’t forget your Ultraframe Toolkit

Since the third national lockdown was announced on 5 January, Ultraframe says it has once again worked hard to ensure that its customers are fully equipped for remote selling with a range of new tools announced for its Lockdown Toolkit.

The Lockdown Toolkit, which was first launched in March 2020, is a digital toolbox to help customers generate and capture leads and sell remotely.

Ultraframe marketing director, Alex Hewitt, said: “At the current time, installation businesses across the country must once again embrace remote selling and we are pleased to announce a host of new additions to our Lockdown Toolkit to assist them with continuing to generate and convert leads through these difficult times.

“More than ever, homeowners are crying out for more space at home after spending so much time in them since early 2020, and so our package of hard-working digital tools means that Ultraframe customers are in a fantastic position to take advantage of the booming market, while complying with lockdown rules.”

The Lockdown Toolkit consists of items including a live chat/chatbot option, a quoting engine, a virtual appointment system, interactive content blocks and a range of webinars to help installation companies make the most of the tools available and navigate their way through the current ways of working.

Newly announced additions to the Lockdown Toolkit which will be available during February include product-specific emails to send out after an enquiry and a new proposal generator, pre-loaded with Ultraframe content.

All Ultraframe customers also have the option to use an advanced CRM system at a subsidised rate, where leads can be managed, categorised, and allocated to users, as well as scheduling call-backs. The proposal generators are free of charge to those already using the system.

Alex concluded: “By providing our customers with these advanced digital sales tools, as well as the support to fully utilise them, we are ensuring that they can continue to generate leads and keep the conversation flowing with their prospects through lockdown. We would urge any Ultraframe customers who haven’t yet taken advantage of the Lockdown Toolkit – much of which is completely free of charge – to contact our marketing team today so that you can get set to sell remotely.”

To find out more, visit or contact the marketing team on