‘Energy efficiency/triple glazing driving new window purchases’

kjmA new poll of UK householders reports that energy efficiency remains the ‘primary driver’ for window and door purchases, followed by security and aesthetics.

,The study, by Hampshire installer, KJM Group, found that energy efficiency was cited by 42% of respondents as the primary reason for buying new windows and doors.

,This was followed by ‘distress purchases’ (e.g. window and door failures) at 22%.  The consumer survey placed security and aesthetics at a level pegging, cited by 18% of respondents as the primary reason for new purchases.

,Mark Pearce, owner and MD, KJM Group, said: “We suggest a couple of factors have come into play. Energy prices have sharpened interest from homeowners in energy efficient products, while the Green Deal if doing little else, has raised awareness of the energy efficiency message.

,“But it’s probably triple glazing, even where people don’t ultimately end up buying it, which in our experience, has prompted increased awareness of energy efficiency. It’s something which consumers get.”

,The G11 and G13 Awards Installer of the Year finalist said the findings of the poll were also consistent with its own sales results, which show continuing growth in triple glazed sales this year.

,The poll also revealed that quality was more important than price for the majority of homeowners when choosing new windows and doors. The study found that more than 60% of those surveyed had selected the Andover window installer because of its reputation for quality.

,Price was listed as a sales driver by just 28% of respondents, while 11% of those filling out the survey cited KJM’s status as a local supplier as the most important factor in selecting the company over other installation businesses.

,Pearce concluded: “The recession was tough for a lot of people but rather than driving them towards low-cost solutions, they’ve become more strategic. They’re doing their research online, developing an understanding of the product and weighing up different options even before they contact you. Quality and range become ever more important as a consequence.”

,For more information visit www.kjmgroup.co.uk email sales@kjmgroup.co.uk or call 01264 359355.

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