Epwin Window Systems extends paint plant


Epwin Window Systems has invested in an extension to its Stellar aluminium powder coating plant. The planned build was phased over a 16-week period, with no impact on production output or supply, according to business representatives.

Phil Parry, Epwin Window Systems’ business development director, said: “This new extension increases our powder coating footprint by 40% and allows us to keep pace with growing demand. It’s a powerful reflection of the way the industry has embraced what our Stellar aluminium window and door system has to offer.”

Martin Westwood, production manager at Epwin Window Systems, explained: “The emphasis we place on quality was always evident in our facilities and was central to us achieving our Qualicoat licence. Our commitment to quality has continued in this new extension. As an example of the consistency of the operation, we recently ran 700 Stellar parts through the system with zero scrap, which is great from an environmental and a waste management perspective.”

The new powder coating line is a continuous looped track system that is said to deliver a high level of consistency through the powder booth and oven. Combined with improvements to the pre-treatment, seven-stage bath/tank system, Epwin Window Systems has significantly reduced scrap levels.

Stellar is marketed as also the only system on the market to offer a genuinely fully flush option, thanks to its patented reverse butt joint, which means there is no need to use dummy sashes or reverse rebate adaptors, business representatives have said. Every component is also visually inspected at a distance of one metre rather than the industry standard of three metres.

Phil added: “Epwin Window Systems is committed to continuous investment in its plant and processes to ensure we deliver the excellence our customers have the right to expect. This investment in our Stellar aluminium powder coating plant is the perfect example of this commitment in action.”