Healthy glass stocks

In light of recent reports about industry-wide glass shortages, Distinction Glass from Distinction Doors has reassured customers by announcing it holds healthy stocks of glass at its South Yorkshire headquarters. Sales and marketing director, Chantel Roach, said: “Customers may have been reading about the shortages in the glass industry. We have been unaffected by the issues and we are continuing to supply as normal.”

Alongside the reassurance of healthy stocks in an uncertain industry climate, Distinction Glass says that it offers a ‘wealth’ of benefits to its customers, including having control over its own glazing units. Chantel said: “All our glazing units are designed exclusively by Distinction Doors and are held in stock rather than via a third party so customers are cutting out the middle man and we can offer a greater degree of reliability and quality than our competitors.”

According to Distinction, its units are available in a range of designs, and are all triple glazed to ensure optimum thermal efficiency, security and ease of cleaning.