Kömmerling eyes UK extrusion

Dr Peter Mrosik and Gareth Jones
Dr Peter Mrosik and Gareth Jones

Dr Peter Mrosik, CEO and owner of Profine Group which includes the Kömmerling brand, was at the 2019 FIT Show to visit staff, key customers and to host an industry media question and answer session.

The Q&A was also an opportunity for Dr Mrosik and Gareth Jones, managing director of Profine UK, to address the media over Brexit and their long-term strategy for the UK. From a Brexit perspective, the group and the UK subsidiary are said to have run through multiple scenarios with business analysts from Hidden Peak Capital and have put in place ‘robust plans and contingencies’ for all possible outcomes.

The Q&A also focussed on the group’s commitment to the UK as a primary market and firm plans to extrude in the near future. Dr Mrosik commented: “The UK is super important for us as a group regardless of the political and economic outcome of Brexit. We’re also actively looking at extruding in the UK as it makes sense, particularly after such a strong FIT Show and the impressive new business success this year.”

Gareth Jones commented: “With the resources of a €700million group behind us we’re well set for the future and that includes our plans to extrude here. We’ve ignited the Kömmerling brand in the eyes of the industry and the staff and existing customers are genuinely excited about our prospects.

“We’re now into double digits with the number of new fabricators that have decided to come along and join us this year alone.”