Premier DGU installs shortest triple glazing auto line in the UK

edgetechWhen Premier DGU needed a second line to meet the growing demand for triple glazed sealed units, it chose Super Spacer from Edgetech UK.

,A fully automated line, with a Super Spacer application robot, was designed by Hegla Bystronic as the shortest triple glazing IGU line in the UK, to fit the limited space at Premier DGU’s Exeter factory.

,Barry Clarke, director at Premier DGU said: “Triple glazing is the way the industry is going there’s no doubt about it. The demand from our customers has been growing for months now and we see it accounting for 40 to 50% of the business within the next year and a half.

,“We’ve been a customer of Edgetech for more than five years and already operate a fully occupied For.El Super Spacer line. The second line has been specifically designed to suit the space we have available and deliver high throughput to manage increased demand.”

,The new line will manufacture both double and triple glazed sealed units using Edgetech Super Spacer and Saint-Gobain Glass.

,Craig Dodsworth, head of marketing at Saint-Gobain Glass added: “Customers are looking to innovate more than ever across double and triple glazing solutions. Saint-Gobain low ‘e’ solutions are optimised for both configurations. When used in triple glazing, impressive glass centre pane thermal performance as low as 0.5wm2k can be achieved whilst maintaining neutral aesthetics.”

,Alan Fielder, director of sales and marketing at Edgetech, added: “Customers tell us that the ability to manufacture triple glazing efficiently is becoming more important. We’re really pleased to be working with Premier DGU as their IG solutions partner and supporting them with a cost effective solution to grow capacity.”

,Steve Goble, managing director at Hegla Bystronic commented: “Factory space is often an issue for IGU manufacturers looking to future proof their business with an automated line that can handle triple glazed units. Using a Super Spacer applicator we were able to design a shorter line that solved this problem for Premier DGU.”


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