Simply the best

Established in 2006, Simply Roofline is said to be one of East Anglia’s leading specialist’s in fascias, soffits, cladding and guttering products – and says that it uses Freefoam for the vast majority of its products.

“We use Freefoam’s full range because they supply excellent quality products and they offer extended guarantees to customers,” explained Jason Large, director of Simply Roofline. “The lifetime guarantee gives us an edge over our competitors as not all companies offer this. The range of products and colours is also very strong – we’re seeing more and more customers opt for coloured cladding, as it allows them to update their property and make it look more modern – we’ve found grey and blue to be the most popular colours.

“We buy through an independent stockist but our relationship with Freefoam is terrific,” said Jason. “Our regional sales representative is in touch regularly, and the team are always quick to help with any problems or queries our customers may have.”