New business development manager

Business Micros Group has appointed Shaun McAllister as business development manager for its Touch software platform. The role exists to support the roll out of the new Touch Portal end-to-end online ordering system to fabricators.

Shaun is set to liaise with customers who have already ordered Portal to ensure that the software is successfully integrated into their businesses. He is then to start promoting the system to the rest of the market. Additionally, he is expected to be work closely alongside Richie Thornton, director at the Consultancy, a Business Micros Group company. Richie is responsible for coordinating the technical elements of the roll out.

“Touch is the solution the market has been waiting so long for, in terms of being able to deliver a truly integrated online ordering experience all the way from the homeowner to the fabricator,” Shaun said. “With Touch Portal, fabricators can offer a 21st-century, commercial e-commerce experience to their installers for, probably, the very first time. In turn, installers can use the linked Touch Vendor lead generation and quoting tool to finally take maximum advantage of the way that so much of the retail buying experience is now conducted online.

“It all comes down to the data, of course, and being able to get real time-product availability and pricing updates direct from the factory to the salesman when there are so many variables involved. Business Micros is the only company with the funds required and access to the vast supplier datasets necessary to be able to create a system like Portal, and it’s an incredibly exciting time for me to be involved as the whole platform starts to grow and develop.”

Richie added: “Now that Touch Portal is finally live in the market, we’re investing in the resources we need to make sure that customers can really make the most of it. I think Shaun’s combination of both commercial and retail experience will be a huge benefit to customers as they deploy Portal internally and then roll it out as a powerful new sales tool to their trade customers.”