A Sweet weather test

In 2018, Brisant-Secure announced that one of its Sweet door handles had managed survive in a salt spray chamber for 8,056 hours. The standard test is for only 240 hours.

Twelve months on, Brisant put a Sweet letterplate into the same accredited test chamber. Even though the letterbox had not failed, it was taken out of the salt spray chamber after one year and 28 days. A standard requirement is for only 10 days and enhanced, is twice that at 20 days.

Nick Dutton, CEO of Brisant-Secure, commented: “We kept the test quiet because there wasn’t anything to really talk about until we passed the previous benchmark. When we passed our previous of 8,000 hours, we felt we may as well see if it manages an entire year before announcing it. Even though it was still going strong at this point, we thought it timely to bring something out of isolation! Underneath the salt it still looks amazing.’

According to Brisant, Sweet achieves this performance in two ways. Firstly, its shape is completely rounded and without edges and so water runs off it quickly. Secondly, there is the bathroom grade coating and the same six coat plating process is used on Sweet as you will find on bathroom products. These are designed from the outset to be submerged in water yet never pit or corrode.

Brisant adds that it is this improved performance that led the company to double the direct-to-homeowner corrosion guarantee to 20 years, on all of the colours including the latest Rose Gold offering. It’s also a guarantee that’s fully reflected on the product testing programme.