‘A weatherproof haven’

fledmexAn all weather louvre roof system for patios and terraces has been launched by Fledmex UK, and the company is currently looking for UK installation partners.

,The German system, designed to fit with ‘the growing outdoor living concept’, allows owners to experience an alfresco environment when the louvres are open and enjoy ‘a fully weatherproof haven’ when closed.

,The Fledmex louvres can be opened up to 90º to release hot air and provide a ‘manageable’ climate on sunny days. The amount of shade on the patio can also be varied by adjusting the tilt angle of the louvres. In the event of a rain shower, the louvres can be closed manually or by electric motor/remote control, and outdoor events such as barbecues no longer need to be at the mercy of the British weather.

,Fledmex louvres come in a choice of aluminium, polycarbonate, or glass to provide different levels of light on the patio when closed. Integrated shading is also an option for the glass and polycarbonate louvres. There is also a thermochromic glass option, i.e. the glass gets darker and lets less sunlight through as it heats up.

,The Fledmex roof system comes with an aluminium or timber frame with integrated guttering, and can also be used in conjunction with glazing, bi-fold, or patio doors to provide a partial or fully enclosed space for use all year round. The system can be attached to an existing wall to cover a patio, terrace, or balcony area, or can be used as a standalone pergola. It is intended for both private homes as well as for commercial applications such as restaurant and hotel terraces.

,Fledmex roofs are custom built in Germany and more than 6,000 roofs have been installed across Europe to date. The company is currently looking for a limited number of professional UK installers who are interested in the opportunity of selling and installing this new, patented, roof system.

,Further information is available on the website, www.fledmex.co.uk

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