Blue skies ahead

Having reportedly studied the intricacies of noise in the home, and in a bid to provide a noise reducing solution that can be relied upon, Bereco has announced the launch of the Ambient Timber Window & Door Range. This range includes several noise-reducing levels, from 38dB, to 42dB.

Bereco reports that each level within the range has been awarded BlueSky Noise Reducing Windows certification, and the 42dB window has achieved a BlueSky ‘A’ rated noise reduction level. The BlueSky Noise Rating label is similar to the concept of the energy rating labels and is designed to simplify the process of selecting a noise reducing window.

Despite there being a host of home soundproofing options available in the marketplace from secondary glazing to curtains and blinds and acoustic plasterboard, Bereco claims that there are very few which can be relied upon. Noise will enter a building through the weakest point of that building, says the company, and the acoustic performance of the whole building will be affected considerably by the weakest part of the building fabric – typically the windows.

Most windows and doors on the market would achieve a ‘C’, ‘D’ or ‘E’ rating. Fitting an ‘A’ rated product will greatly reduce noise levels in the building compared to a standard window and will be enough for almost all cases.