‘Efficient, cost effective lead generation’

go send itA brand new marketing service has recently been launched by Purplex Marketing, and the company has claimed it’s already helping installers generate their own low-cost, high-quality consumer leads.

GoSend.It is said to be the window industry’s ‘first and only’ online platform for creating and sending high-quality, personalised drop cards directly around installations, at the click of a button.

The pioneering service can be accessed by installers at www.gosend.it, where they’ll need to register their details and upload their logo. Next they select a drop card template, choosing from a range of high quality designs created by window industry marketing specialists with lead generation in mind.

Once they’re happy with how the card looks and reads, all that’s left to do is to input the project address, and GoSend.it will do the rest. The system automatically prints the postcards and sends them out via Royal Mail to however many surrounding properties are required – landing on their doorstep within three to five working days.

Purplex Marketing account manager, Sean Scott, explained: “Most installers know that drop cards are a highly effective way to interact with homeowners and generate leads. When targeting properties around an installation, their work is on show for everyone to see, and there’s no better recommendation than the ‘living proof’ of their skills – what you see is what you get!

“Asking sales people or fitters to deliver these drop cards is not very efficient, whereas hiring someone to do this specific job is not cost effective. With prices from just £1 per card, why would anyone not use GoSend.it? It’s a no-brainer when it comes to efficient, cost effective lead generation.”

The system works by accessing a database of 29 million UK postal addresses and selects the closest properties around the chosen address, giving an unmatched level of targeted lead generation, and it’s already generating fantastic results for installers across the UK.

To experience the new service for yourself, go to www.gosend.it

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