Steel renovation experts: The Steel Window Association

London's Bush House

Members of the UK-wide Steel Window Association (SWA) are established, proven experts in the renovation and sympathetic refurbishment of steel windows and doors, in both domestic and commercial premises. Typically, members work on listed buildings or properties in heritage and conservation areas.

One of the best qualities of a steel window or door is its longevity, representatives of the SWA claim. This is where refurbishment and servicing are vitally important, and is where SWA members can help. Options range from very basic ease and adjusting, where the windows and doors remain in situ and are serviced, to a full, in-situ overhaul, involving significant paint removal and redecoration, where possible.

In a complete refurbishment, all windows and doors are removed and taken to a factory environment for shot blasting, potentially galvanising, powder coating and servicing. Then comes the reinstallation and reglazing. There is also the possibility, especially in heritage situations, of maintaining the original aesthetic of the original window by hand painting and reglazing.

Today, clients can expect an upgrade in usability and security, as well as both thermal and acoustic performance through glazing and sealant enhancements. In addition, windows are significantly more aesthetically pleasing.

For owners of buildings or houses within listed or conservation areas, or those who would like to preserve the history of their own property, refurbishment is an invaluable and satisfying option. With this level of refurbishment, the SWA offers the ability to recycle, reuse and renew.

On-site servicing includes servicing, easing and adjustment of opening windows and doors for good operation; replacing or using draught excluder, replacement of defective or missing ironmongery including hinges and pivots; the removal of broken or cracked glazing; and the replacement of lead lights. On-site overhaul is also includes the removal of visible surface paint; treatment of the visible steel substrate; tightening or replacement of coupled frame intersections and perimeter fixings; replacement of damaged weather seals; the potential for upgrading of glass specifications; the potential to modernise or refurbish existing ironmongery to include enhanced security; reintroduction of perimeter and window mastic seals; the replacement of glazing beads, mastic and putty; and the redecoration of painted surfaces.

Full, off-site overhaul includes removing existing frames, and possible temporary protection of apertures, shot blasting to bare metal (to remove all existing paint and priming material); a fully recorded survey of necessary repairs and replacement sections, hinges and couplings; a full pretreatment primer, repainting of steel sections to the required specification; the reinstallation of frames to apertures, reglazing with the possibility of thermal/acoustic upgrades, refurbishment and replacement of existing specialist glazing, the application of new mastic and primary weather seals, and the reinstatement of refurbished or new ironmongery. For further information about the Steel Window Association, visit or call 020 3475 8049.