Time to Wave bi-folds good-bye?

PCV-U systems company, Deceuninck, recently introduced its Slide & Swing New Wave Door; a ‘unique’ product that according to Deceuninck, is ‘revolutionising’ patio doors.

“Bi-folds are out of date,” said Rob McGlennon, Deceuninck sales director. “What’s the point of a bi-fold when the Slide & Swing New Wave Door does everything a bi-fold does and more? Put the two side by side and watch the homeowner choose. The Slide & Swing New Wave Door looks great, is extremely secure and a real asset to the home.”

The Slide & Swing New Wave Door is already available in 18 colour ways from stock. And Deceuninck is adding even more to its foil colour range with the introduction of its new premium Heritage Colour Collection. So Deceuninck’s fabricators can offer a full suite of products in 25 colour ways, with matching or complementary ancillaries, cills and trims – all available from stock.

“Deceuninck has always been at the forefront of innovation,” continued Rob. “And the Slide & Swing New Wave Door is a true market leader. Another seriously big Deceuninck innovation that installers love – because it means they can sell colour with confidence – we keep all these 25 colours in stock! I’ll repeat that. We keep all 25 colours in stock! I think it’s time to say ‘bye-bye’ to bi-folds!”

To find out more about Deceuninck’s Slide & Swing New Wave Door, or Deceuninck’s all new Heritage Colour Collection call Rob McGlennon on 07818 383385, follow @DeceuninckUK and visit www.WhyDeceuninck.com.

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