Celsius ‘formulation improvement’

Celsius glassSynseal Group has announced that, with immediate effect, Celsius Performance Glass customers will benefit from a ‘formulation improvement’ to the Celsius Elite and Celsius One products. The new formulation is said to offer increased protection against unwanted solar heat build-up, as well as reducing glare within a conservatory.

Andy Jones, sales and marketing director of the Synseal Group, explained: “Celsius Elite and Celsius One were already the leading high performance glass choices on the market, but that didn’t mean we sat back and relaxed. The Synseal Group is fully committed to further driving the market forward by developing and evolving its glass offering – and if this means making improvements on the best, then that’s what we’ll do!

“In terms of what this means to our customers, it’s quite simply increased solar protection, improved visible light transmission and enhanced heat reflection – all at no extra cost. We haven’t introduced this as a premium option. This is our existing offering improved, meaning that our customers benefit.”

Originally designed for use in conservatories and orangeries, Celsius Performance Glass utilises a low ’e’ and solar control combination coating, with an argon filed cavity, to control the amount of visible light, UV and heat that pass through the glazed unit.

Easy clean technology has also been added to reduce maintenance requirements. Available across a range of Synseal Group products, Celsius Performance Glass is described as ‘an easy consumer sell’, with ‘tangible benefits to customer homes’.

Andy concluded: “The Synseal Group is committed to delivering on quality.  We constantly review and evaluate our offering to ensure our customers have access to the best products on the market.”


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