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Award-winning software adds magic paintbrush

The Installer Award-winning software company Tommy Trinder has added a 'magic paintbrush' tool to its Framepoint app

Abcell improves online ordering

Abcell launches its new online ordering system.

Remote sales demo goes live

Interactive demonstrations of Touch Vendor remote sales and ordering software have launched

Business Pilot launches status progression CRM tool

Status progression feature added to Business Pilot CRM tool

Framepoint ‘paid for itself’ after first job

Kestrel Home Improvements says homeowners are ‘astonished’ with Framepoint remote selling

Emplas launches new retail sales tool

New software promises to transform sales process

Ab Initio launches new web based version of AdminBase

Installers offered ‘convenient and secure’ remote access to their data

Taking control

Joedan chooses BM Aluminium as its software partner

Cortizo invests in LogiKal software

Spanish system house partners with BM Aluminium

Complete IT solution

BM Aluminium overhauls IT system for Complete Aluminium