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Award-winning software adds magic paintbrush

The Installer Award-winning software company Tommy Trinder has added a 'magic paintbrush' tool to its Framepoint app

New acoustic calculator

Guardian Plus acoustic table attracts ‘hundreds of new members’

New Framepoint features

Software company Tommy Trinder has launched new features for its award-winning Framepoint app

Business Pilot to demonstrate CRM system at Fit Show

Leaders from Business Pilot are returning to Fit Show this year, to demonstrate the firm’s CRM system

The Consultancy helps bring Shepley into the digital age

New Shepley website is fully mobile responsive

Insight Data reveals drop in fenestration demand

Just 26% of fenestration businesses are recording higher levels of enquiries, compared to the 63% the year before, according to Insight Data

Patent granted for Tommy Trinder interface

The Tommy Trinder team has secured a patent for its Installer Award-winning technology

Business Pilot launch heat map

The Business Pilot team has added heat mapping to its CRM software

Tommy Trinder’s Framepoint attracts 450 subscribers

The Tommy Trinder team has welcomed its 450th window company to using Framepoint

Business Pilot launches status progression CRM tool

Status progression feature added to Business Pilot CRM tool