How do we measure the ‘best’ in the glazing industry?

To achieve the best. benchmarks must be built on certification and standards, not turnover, argues Shelforce business manager

Energy price cap: “It’s a crisis and an opportunity”

For for lower-income households, the energy price cap increase is a genuine crisis point, said Listers' MD. But the crisis may also be a massive opportunity for the window and door industry.

“Lead times still matter”

"Despite what some big players in the market would have us believe, lead times really do still matter," explains Euroglaze MD

Part L: “Most should find compliance easy”

Tradelink’s managing director examines what the updated Part L of the building regulations means for the glazing industry.

“Work smart for improved profits”

Now could be the right time to partner with companies that can make your business more profitable, argues Sternfenster's sales director

“Be realistic”

"It’s easy to assume that suppliers can shoulder the full burden of rising costs but we are all so interdependent that’s simply not realistic," argues Mila's MD

“Sell the benefits of lower U-values to homeowners”

AluK's national sales manager explains why the company has chosen to focus on lower U-values over window energy ratings

How energy prices are impacting retail

Energy price increases are driving home improvement investments, Deceuninck's managing director explains, suggesting how the glazing industry can capitalise

“Let’s look behind the mental health statistics”

The industry's failing supply chain is seriously affecting installers' mental health, the DGCOS' chief executive explains, drawing on survey insights

The trickle vent conundrum

Tradelink's managing director on ventilation, trickle vents and what the updated Part F of the building regulations means for window installers