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“Burglary stats make a compelling case for 3-star security”

New analysis of burglary statistics supports the case for spending more on door security, argues Mila's technical director

“We need to work harder to win sales”

Retailers can no longer rely on seasonality to deliver sales, says Hurst Doors' sales director

Future homes: “The supply chain must rally together”

It is critical for the supply chain to work together, to help meet the new Future Homes requirements, argues Solar Fabrications' MD

“CE or UKCA? I’ve answered your FAQs”

Addressing confusion over CE and UKCA marking, Mila's technical director offers answers to some frequently asked questions

“Industry must invest in the future now”

Investing in innovation will help the glazing industry keep up with legislation, argues Edgetech's MD

Future Homes: “We need to make triple glazing viable. Now”

Now is the time to start making triple glazing a viable option, argues Edgetech's MD, before the Future Homes Standard comes into force

“Long live the conservatory”

Though consumers have shifted away from the traditional conservatory, innovation can fuel a new market, says Prefix Systems' director

“In these trying times, our group is planning ahead”

Challenging market conditions mean that forward planning is essential, explains Cornwall Group’s chair

“The aluminium market is resilient”

"We're seeing a remarkable degree of resilience in the aluminium market," says Emmegi UK's MD, "and there are several very good reasons why"

“Don’t fear a shifting market”

Though the headlines read badly, there are still opportunities in the current market, explains Deceuninck's MD