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Security that ‘does what it says on the tin’

Installers should have a ‘strong and effective’ security guarantee, says VBH

Third party certification for fire doors should be mandatory

Bluesky Certification MD shares his thoughts

‘Engineered to excel’

Illbruck has solution for silicon shortage

Colour enabled

Deceuninck UK MD, Rob McGlennon, provides his latest thoughts on selling colour

Consumer protection a ‘must have’

DGCOS founder, Tony Pickup, comments on the need for consumer protection after the demise of SafeGlaze UK

Follow up letter to editor

Deceuninck MD UK and Ireland shares his thoughts on colour-only fabricators

‘A price cut as promised’

Nick Dutton, Brisant, via email

‘Business as usual’ for Deceuninck

Roy Frost, Deceuninck, via email

Withstanding blowtorch attacks

Brisant Secure’s Nick Dutton says Ultion is proven to be secure

Elephants in the room

Roy Frost, Deceuninck, via email