Report identifies reasons for popularity of garden rooms

westburyGarden rooms are said to have enjoyed a ‘phenomenal increase’ in popularity in recent years and now a new report launched this week reveals why.

,The Westbury Garden Rooms Home Trends Report identifies three trends, which, it says, are shaping the use of extended home space.

,# 1: Sharing
,With an ageing population, we learn to share our space and activities across generations, grouping and defining society by common values rather than age. Our busy lifestyles increasingly teach us to value quality time together and as such, homes provide a cross functional setting in which grandparents, parents and children alike can enjoy family life together in an open plan living space.

,# 2: New status
,The post-recession new status means we’re re-evaluating what makes us happy or successful. 54% of Britons say their stress levels are rising and 40% of women can’t say ‘I’m happy’. With a new perspective on our emotional well-being, quality time at home has become a priority. Garden rooms let natural light flood in to lift the spirits and connect you with the outside – while extra space affords simple, happy pleasures like home entertaining. This trend is all about a strong emotional investment in your home.

,# 3: Craftsmanship
,In an age where there is a high level of environmental concern, people are investing in products that are made to last. In turn, this has led to a heightened admiration and desire for true craftsmanship. Customers often develop an emotional connection with these products; engaging with the story that tells of the product’s heritage and roots.

,Jonathan Hey, MD and founder of Westbury Garden Rooms, said: “This report reflects the developing ways in which modern homes are used and offers homeowners inspiration for creating more space and light and interior décor which is sympathetic to the design.”

,The Westbury Garden Rooms Home Trends Report is available at

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