Glasstastic’ service from Apeer

Apeer reports that orders for its bespoke glass artwork service are ‘booming’.

The company, which has its own in-house glass studio and employs a team of 13 decorative glass technicians, says the improving economy, along with growing awareness of the service, have resulted in a surge of orders.

Apeer says it is also ‘one of very few UK-based door manufacturers – if not the only one’ – that hand crafts its standard glazing designs to order and offers a completely bespoke glass design service.

Lisa McClean, head of the in-house studio for Apeer, said:

“Our bespoke work is becoming increasingly popular with people who really want to give their homes an individual look. They do that in all sorts of ways – from pictures of their pets or a favourite landmark, to one we did recently with the couple’s names on it.

“We’re even fairly flexible about small changes to our standard designs – something we are able to do because each one is made to order. It means homeowners can create their own truly unique entrance system – something we are not aware that anyone else offers.”

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