New locking option for stable doors

The Maco C-TS Stable Door Lock system is the latest addition to the C-TS ‘combined’ door lock range available from hardware specialist VBH.

The bottom lock features a key operated (wind up) lock case, so no handle is required on the lower door; just a profile cylinder and escutcheon cover are needed.

The top door features a C-TS lock, which can be used as a standard lift/lever (lever/lever) or a split spindle (lever/pad) lock if preferred.

The new stable door lock features steel hooks on both leaves as standard and manufacturers can choose to order locks with or without ‘intelligent security’ IS cams.

The lock has a true stable door function, offering the choice of opening just the top door or opening both leaves together as one unit. This is achieved through a steel vertical coupling shootbolt that locates into a port on the top door when the lower door is unlocked. This connects the two halves together when the top door is opened. The shootbolt is available in two lengths to ensure it is long enough to pass from the lower door, through the transom, and into the top door.

VBH marketing manager, Gary Gleeson, said:

“This new Maco lock is a superb solution for PVC-U, timber or composite stable doors. As with all C-TS locks, the solid steel tapered hooks provide supreme strength coupled with a very smooth closing action. The choice of coupling shootbolt lengths on the lower half means that only a small hole needs to be drilled through the transom for the bolt to pass through. This represents great time, effort and cost benefits to door manufacturers used to fitting other products that require the lock itself to be fed through the transom.”

The Maco C-TS Stable Door Lock is available from VBH in a choice of 35mm or 45mm backsets.

Call VBH on 01634 263300 for further information or download it from

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