Sliding into view

AluK has launched its new Luminia SC156 lift and slide door. This is the second product to be introduced into AluK’s Luminia premium product tier, alongside the Luminia F82.

It features impressive weather tightness of 1500 Pa, which is believed to be the best on the market, making the system ideal for projects exposed to the elements, such as in coastal locations. The SC156 achieves ‘U’ Values of 1.4W/m2K double glazed, or as low as 1.0W/m2K triple glazed.

It’s available in two track options: mono and dual and a range of configurations. It also offers buyers the option of large expanses of glazing up to 3,100mm high and with panel weights of up to 400kg to help them make the most of panoramic views.

The door is PAS24 accredited as well, so meets the requirements of ADQ for the new build sector. Like the rest of the AluK range, the SC156 is available from stock in three standard colours and two dual colours on a five-day lead time. Outside of the stock offering, AluK also offers a range of popular and custom RAL colours and finishes.

Russell Yates, AluK’s managing director, said that the SC156 is an important addition to AluK’s sliding door range: “The aluminium sliding door market is very much on the up – with market industry reports predicting growth of more than 10% over the next couple of years. It is quite clearly segmented though with mass market, premium and high-end customers all looking for something very different from their purchase. That’s why we now have a product designed specifically for each of those – with our Optio BSC94 aimed at the mass market, this new Luminia SC156 targeted at the premium sector and our Infinium range for the truly high end.”