Dyer on camera

Peter Dyer, of Dempsey Dyer, recently stepped in front of the camera to talk about Swisspacer.  

Dempsey Dyer, a window, door and conservatory manufacturer based in West Yorkshire, started using Swisspacer in 2009. Dempsey Dyer noticed its customers were asking for more energy efficient products and its sealed unit manufacturer suggested Swisspacer.  

Vic De Costa, Swisspacer’s marketing and sales manager, said:

“It’s great to see our customers talk about why they specify Swisspacer, and even better when it’s on camera! In the video, Peter discusses the colour range on offer to customers, the growth of triple glazing and how using Swisspacer has helped Dempsey Dyer achieve ‘A+20’ and above ratings on its windows and doors.”

To watch the video visit Swisspacer’s YouTube channel http://bit.ly/ZGizg4 or call 0845 601 1265 for more information. Follow Swisspacer @Ultimate_Spacer.


For Dempsey Dyer visit www.dempseydyer.co.uk or call 01977 649641.

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