First BBA approved composite window

bbaMunster Joinery is the first to achieve BBA certification for its Passiv AluClad composite window system, BBA reports.

,The system consists of two frames made from different materials – the external one is powdercoated aluminium and the internal frame is made of laminated timber. A PVC-U channel filled with insulating foam links the two frames together and is designed to eliminate thermal bridging at all critical points.

,Passiv AluClad windows are double or triple glazed with multiple panes of low emissivity glass and optimum cavity widths filled with a low conductivity gas such as argon or krypton. A warm edge spacer bar reduces edge losses to a minimum.

,The triple glazed window was recently used in a social housing development by the Sustainable Design Collective for South Devon Housing Association. The clear varnished internal finish gives the aesthetic advantages and warmth of a natural wooden window. The external aluminium frame gives the structural strength, corrosion resistance, durability and recyclability of aluminium and comes in a range of RAL colours to allow flexibility of design.

,The window is designed to meet Passivhaus standards, with building-envelope insulating properties which will achieve comfortable indoor temperatures without the use of a conventional heating system.

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