Making the difference in Aberdeen

metal technologyMetal Technology has supplied £500,000 (installed value) of its System 1-35 Hi+ (high insulation) Top Swing Fully Reversible windows for the refurbishment of three apartment blocks for Aberdeen City Council.

The overall project was to refurbish three multi-storey tower blocks in Balnagask, Aberdeen. The work was undertaken by housing refurbishment specialist, Lovell, with installation of the windows carried out by Cumbernauld based CMS Enviro Window Systems.

Approximately 1,200 triple glazed opening vents were installed on three apartment blocks, in a programme designed to upgrade the flats’ energy efficiency and external appearance. According to Metal Technology, extra investment in ‘aesthetic values’ was also made, with rainscreen cladding adding the ‘final touches’.

System 1-35Hi+ is a new addition to Metal Technology’s range. It is described as ‘a high performance, thermally enhanced top swing window that offers many advantages over other types of window’. Said to be ‘easily and safely’ cleaned from within the building by reversing the window through 180°, the window has safety restrictors built in to ensure that it can be restrained securely in the ventilation or reverse position.

Other advantages reportedly include the facility to reverse the window through 180° without the window projecting inwards into the room – avoiding possible damage to blinds and curtains.

On the Balnagask scheme, the system 1-35Hi+ in conjunction with the correct glass specification reportedly achieved a window U-value of 1.3W/m2K. Glazing thicknesses of up to 47mm can be accommodated within the system.

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