WER matirx

PVC-U window and door systems company, Deceuninck, has created a comprehensive window energy rating (WER) matrix, which aims to make it easy for Deceuninck’s customers to see the combination of components needed to achieve particular window energy ratings.

Through Deceuninck’s InstallerPro scheme, fabricators can then register them ‘easily and cost effectively’ and use the CERTASS energy rating certification as a sales tool.

Deceuninck developed the matrix by investing in a comprehensive technical and testing programme, measuring the energy performance of window styles and profiles, with TCI and steel reinforcement and different combinations of glass, gas and warm edge spacer bar. So, according to Deceuninck, whether the fabricator is looking for a top thermal performance window such as an ‘A*14’ rating for Deceuninck’s Heritage 2800 casement or a mid-range ‘A+5’ energy rating, they can quickly and easily identify what is needed for a full range of energy ratings. The work has been done for them.

“Energy efficiency is important to homeowners and plays a big part in their decision when replacing their windows,” explained Deceuninck sales director, Rob McGlennon. “Determining the best, most affordable combination of components to achieve a particular rating is a tricky, time consuming and complex task. And frankly, fabricators and installers have better things to do. They want to be making, selling and installing.

“We’ve jumped through these hoops so our customers don’t have to. And through our InstallerPro scheme, medium and small sized fabricators can register their windows with CERTASS and achieve their WERs at no extra cost. So the benefits cascade down the supply chain.”

If you want a supplier that makes selling easy call Rob McGlennon, Deceuninck sales director, on 07818 383385, follow @DeceuninckUK and visit www.WhyDeceuninck.com.

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