Cleans and protects

filanoSurface care specialist, Fila, has launched a dual-purpose glass cleaner and protector.  New Filano Drops is a no-rinse spray treatment that reportedly ‘cleans without streaks’.  It also creates an invisible hydrophilic film – similar to water molecules – so water droplets slide off surfaces without leaving limescale marks. 

The solvent-free, non-acidic formula is suitable for shower enclosures and mirrors, as well as glass mosaics and glazed ceramics.  It can also be used to clean taps, steel trims and Perspex.

After applying with a spray trigger, Filano Drops is wiped over the surface using kitchen towel or a soft dry cloth, and left to dry. Showers can be used immediately after application. For surfaces with substantial existing limescale build-up, Fila recommends application of Filavia Bagno anti-limescale detergent, prior to ongoing maintenance with Filano Drops.

Filano Drops is colourless and according to Fila, has a ‘pleasant, fresh fragrance’. It is available in a 500ml, ready to use trigger bottle and is offered as part of Fila’s Green Line; a range of ‘high performance’, water based treatments, developed for cleaning, maintenance and protection of natural surfaces.

For more information, call Lisa Breakspear at Fila UK on 01584 877286, email or visit

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