Inagas launches Interfill

inagasInagas, the supplier of gas filling machinery and testing equipment, has launched a brand new range of machinery to provide insulated glass unit (IGU) manufacturers with what it describes as ‘the very latest in gas filling options’: Interfill and Interfill KX.

Using the latest touch screen technology, which allows the operator ‘complete control’ over the gas filling process, the range also has a visual indication of the gas filling process, an overfill timer function, adjustable gas fill percentages, a unit counter, a low gas supply alert, a help menu and a remote foot pedal control.

Inagas director, Chris Kemp, said: “We have been working very hard over the last year to develop our new Interfill range of gas filling machinery. The Interfill is a compact, 30 litre a minute machine, which is capable of either one or two-hole argon gas filling. It offers the majority of the benefits provided by our popular Smartfill range, but at a price which places it as the most affordable 30-minute machine on the market.

,“The Interfill KX model provides the additional advantage of variable vacuum and flow rate control, which means it is also ideal for gas filling with krypton, xenon or even mixed gases. Machinery in the Interfill range is also small and light for maximum portability, should you require it.”

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