87% more people register for Q-secure

VBH has reported a steep rise in registrations for its Q-secure consumer security guarantee. Q-secure guarantees the security of windows, doors and patio doors up to a potential £8,000 pay out, which is paid directly to the end user in the event of a break in that violates a registered product. Installations must have been carried out by an approved Q-secure installer and registered direct with VBH. 

Representatives of VBH have advised that registrations in the first quarter of 2022 are 87% up on those in the final 3 months of 2021. Gary Gleeson, VBH’s marketing manager, said: “A near doubling of registrations is really encouraging and shows that our guarantee is proving a hit with our customers, who find it to be a real help in closing deals. Q-secure Network members have a valuable but free extra carrot to dangle now that sales people once again have to work hard to achieve new business.”