AT Precision celebrates four years of success

The team from the bi-fold hardware supplier AT Precision is celebrating the business’ fourth anniversary this month (February 2024). Staff at AT Precision have provided fabricators across the UK with high-quality products and services since 2020.

In February 2020, AT Precision started off as a small company manufacturing the Everglide range of bi-fold hardware, such as rollers, guides, hinges and cleats. The team supplied products to around 100 aluminium bi-fold fabricators across the country.

Significant machinery investments over the years have since seen the company grow its product portfolio to include the Everseal range of gaskets, security hardware, window handles, friction stays and PVC infill extrusions, all of which are compatible with major systems, thereby saving customers time and money, the business’ representative said. The past 12 months have seen huge growth for AT Precision, they say, with the launch of the company’s own Everglide range of aluminium profile for bi-folds. When combined with the rest of the business’ vast product range, this creates ‘a complete package of everything needed to manufacture an aluminium bi-fold door – bar the actual glass’.

The year also saw a relocation to a new 60,000ft² factory, significantly ramping up production and creating increased space for finished products ready for distribution, therefore keeping lead times to a minimum. The company’s main focus for 2023 however, was sustainability, starting off with a significant investment into an in-house recycling scheme.

Following the purchase of a new £370,000 extrusion machine, the scheme involves picking up unused PVC-U materials from customers and processing these for use in manufacturing thermal reinforcement bars. The material is also used for a new range of PVC-U roof laths and joists. To date, the company has recycled more than 100 tonnes of material.

“As we celebrate our fourth anniversary, AT Precision reflects on a journey marked by resilience, growth, and unwavering commitment,” said Michael Hewitt, sales director. “In the face of unprecedented challenges, we’ve not only weathered the storm but emerged stronger.

“We’ve come extremely far since the dark days of early 2020, and our success is a testament to strategic investments, innovative products and most importantly, the trust of our customers. As we look to the future, our focus on sustainability underscores our dedication to making a positive impact.

“With a new recycling scheme and cutting-edge technology, we’re not just manufacturing quality products, we’re shaping a sustainable legacy. Here’s to four years of excellence, and to a future built on innovation, quality, and environmental responsibility.” Read more about the business at

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