Faster to fit than any other’

Mila has launched the new ProSecure door hinge, which it claims is faster to fit than any other security door hinge on the market. Reportedly the only hinge supplied in one piece ready to install straight from the box, Mila confidently predicts that most fabricators will be able to fit the new ProSecure in less than a minute.

As a result, Mila is giving away ‘free time’ with every ProSecure hinge it sells, which it says fabricators can use to make more doors, improve their efficiency or simply finish early for the day!

Mila has even launched a social media campaign using the hashtag #freetime, inviting production teams who start using the new hinge to show off just what they are doing with all the free time it gives them.

Like the rest of Mila’s premium ProSecure range, the new hinge incorporates several new design features. For example, it uses newly developed ‘glider’ technology, which allows the whole hinge to slide straight onto the frame in one complete piece.

In fact, there are only four steps to installation, which Mila has proved under test conditions can be completed in just 58 seconds.  

The hinge is ‘virtually jigless’, so minimal preparation is required – just two holes need to be pre-drilled on the frame. The fabricator then slides the whole hinge into position, pivots open the clever captive hinge lid and screws the concealed fixing datum directly to the sash.

For doors being fitted into low reveals, the ProSecure can also be front-fitted just as quickly, simply by removing the steel hinge pin.   

Alongside Mila’s ‘glider’ technology, there is also a smart, patented design feature for fast and simple hinge adjustment, which was developed directly as a result of feedback from fabricators.  +/-5mm lateral adjustment is carried out from the front rather than from the side to make it less fiddly simply by lifting the sash cover and turning the 4mm Allen key 90º.  It can then be ‘locked’ into place to prevent adjustment creep. For full 3D refinement, vertical (+5mm) and compression (+/-1mm) adjustment can also be achieved from the top of the hinge.

With a range of ‘intelligent’ accessories, the ProSecure hinge is supplied in ‘fabricator friendly’ packaging and is protected with static-cling TechTape, which stops the lid from getting knocked or scratched during fabrication and installation. It also comes with the option of loose fixing lugs so that fabricators can choose where to fit them to achieve the optimum fit on their particular profile.

There is also a removable rubber tongue in place, which ensures that the hinge lid remains open until installation is complete.

The new ProSecure door hinge is available in eight suited colours to match the other products in Mila’s ProSecure hardware range, including polished and brushed satin chrome and white, brown and black. In addition, it is being supplied in five further popular colour matched options – Chartwell green, cream, anthracite, silk and cement grey, to suit the most popular door colour choices.

Mila has successfully extreme performance tested the hinge, enabling it to offer an impressive 25- year guarantee. The ProSecure has been independently tested and accredited to the enhanced security requirements of PAS024: 2012, to the extreme corrosion resistance requirements of BSEN1670: 2007 Grade 5 and to the extreme durability requirements of BSEN 1935 Grade 12.

It is also a Police Preferred Specification product and is Secured by Design accredited.

Mila’s MD, Richard Gyde, said:

“For fabricators who are producing d

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