Increased demand for door hardware, Carl F Groupco reports

Carl F Groupco has seen increased demand for its door hardware ranges, its representatives have reported. The independent distributor’s door hardware is suitable for use on aluminium doors.

John Crittenden, Carl F Groupco’s managing director, said: “Aluminium has become the go-to material for door products. They deliver high-end aesthetics and long-lasting functionality that the market demands. But high-end aluminium doors need quality hardware to complete the picture. The hardware is the function that end users will engage with daily, so exceptional quality and user experience are essential. It’s why we’re increasingly finding that aluminium fabricators and system houses are seeking next-level hardware as part of high specification installations.”

For such projects, FUHR, a manufacturer of multipoint locking systems, has become a popular choice, according to Carl F Groupco’s representatives. The FUHR autosafe 833 slam shut door lock is a multipoint locking device that has automatic locking functionality. It is opened with a key on the outside and a handle on the inside, and reportedly protects a property from unauthorised access from the moment the door is closed. The product’s latches turn into solid latch deadbolts upon closure.

The next two popular door hardware solutions that are available from Carl F Groupco are part of the SmartSecure range, which offers electronic multipoint door locking systems and smart access control technology. The products within the range ensure functionality, durability and security – according to Carl F Groupco’s representatives – paving the way to modern, stress-free living.

The SmartSecure FUHR autotronic 834 automatic door lock is marketed as a practical hybrid solution that combines the convenience of an automatic lock and the advanced functionality of an electromechanical lock. The door locks automatically and can be opened manually with a key or with any of FUHR’s access control systems. These include SmartConnect, a control system that allows users to open doors with a smart phone or tablet. SmartTouch comfort uses an active transponder and keyless unlocking via a sensor on the door or pull handle. FUHR’s radio access control options include a radio fingerprint scanner, a radio keypad and a radio transponder.

Described as ‘the ultimate solution’, the FUHR 881 multitronic door lock kit allows for electronic opening using any FUHR keyless access control system. Read more about this product, as well as the entire Carl F Groupco range, at