Kubu achieves ‘highest possible’ IASME accreditation


The smart security specialists at Kubu have achieved ‘the highest level possible’ of a cyber security standard created by the IASME, for the company’s devices. This includes the new window lock, ‘Intellect by Avantis’, which was created in collaboration with the multipoint lock manufacturer Avantis Hardware and the multi-award-winning fabricator, Emplas.

The ‘Intellect by Avantis’ multipoint shootbolt window lock represents the culmination of more than 12 months of technical and technological advancement. The product helps to cement Emplas as a frontrunner in the ongoing smart journey in our industry, according to a representative of the business.

“To create this truly secure lock, it was imperative to ensure not only first-class PAS24 accredited physical security but industry-leading cyber security too,” the business’ representative explained.

“The IASME Consortium is an independent accreditation body that is officially recognised by the UK government and Secured By Design, and works alongside a network of almost 300 expert organisations across the UK to advise and certify organisations of all sizes in both cyber security and counter fraud.

“More specifically, the IASME IoT Cyber Scheme has been developed so that companies providing internet-connected products and services such as the Kubu smart sensors and app can demonstrate their products have achieved the appropriate standards and that their products and services have been independently assessed against all 13 provisions of the world-leading consumer IoT security standard – ETSI EN 303 645 – far exceeding the mandatory 3 provisions currently being legislated by the UK government.

“Kubu is the first product of its kind to secure IASME Level 2 IoT accreditation (the highest level possible) for all devices, sensors and software, which perfectly complements the SBD and PAS24 accreditations already obtained for the Avantis ‘Works with Kubu’ door and window multipoint lock ranges.”

Ryan Bromley, cofounder of Kubu Smart, said: “We conducted a lot of research into various accreditation bodies before selecting IASME, as we wanted to ensure our systems were independently subjected to the most stringent tests available. We passed with flying colours, which just goes to prove that you can always be sure you’re secure with Kubu.”

Jody Vincent, sales director at Emplas, added: “We were the first company to introduce Kubu Smart technology to the UK market on our doors, and are proud to be continuing to provide our customers with incredible sales differentiators by being the first to add such an innovative and fully cyber-security-accredited window lock to our range too.

“Kubu has set the standard for cyber safety in our industry, meaning we can be certain that our customers, and our customers’ customers, are always fully protected.” Read more about Kubu on the company’s website.

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