Mighton unveils new range of Avia products

Mighton has launched a full suite of Avia smart home security products

Carl F Groupco confirms trickle vent sales upturn

Carl F Groupco has reported a 45% increase in demand for trickle vents

VBH expands technical support

Hardware business VBH has expanded the technical support it offers to customers

Yale supports Fire Door Safety Week 2022

Yale’s leaders have pledged to support Fire Door Safety Week 2022

AT Precision stocks gasket range

AT Precision has added a range of gaskets to its portfolio

VBH Swansea trade counter grows in popularity

More customers than ever are using VBH's improved trade counter facility in Swansea, its representatives have reported

Burg-Wächter’s Locktoberfest returns

Burg-Wächter has launched its ‘Locktoberfest’ campaign, using the season that includes the traditional German festival to highlight security issues.

DHF marks Gate Safety Month with free accreditation upgrade

The Door and Hardware Federation is offering a training upgrade to mark Gate Safety Month (October) 2022.

Clearslide patio door gear is set to grow

VBH has forged a strong reputation as a supplier to specialist patio door manufacturers, the business' representatives have reported

National Home Security Month reaches 10th year

Yale’s National Home Security Month – which runs throughout October – is now in its 10th year