Split spindle delivers ‘flexibility and convenience’

Kenrick has reported a successful first six months since the launch of its high specification Excalibur split spindle door lock, during which a number of high volume customers have added the lock to their range of products.

Many hardware distributors and fabricators have boosted their suite of products with the split spindle door lock which is said to bring greater flexibility to fabricators who want to quickly and cost effectively fabricate either a lever/lever or a lever/pad system from just one lock.

The versatile door lock is a development beyond traditional twin spindle locks which require a longer back plate for all types of operation. It incorporates a standard 92mm centre, which has been designed to accommodate both long and short back plate handles and either a solid spindle to make a lever/lever lock or a split spindle to create a lever/pad lock.

Steve Williams, sales and marketing director at Kenrick, said: “As the window industry gathers pace in 2015, there is more pressure on fabricators to deliver products within even shorter timescales but without compromising on performance. This product is an intelligent alternative to traditional twin spindle locks. We believe the door lock has been in demand since we launched it last year because it brings guaranteed speed, simplicity and versatility to the fabricator so they can increase production rates and make the most of better trading conditions.”

The door lock brings an added benefit for installers who can easily alter the operation of the door set after installation by simply changing the handles and spindles without needing to change the lock or re-route the door sash.

As well as bringing greater convenience to the fabricator and installer, the Excalibur split spindle door lock also offers guaranteed levels of security for the homeowner. Durable and robust, its three hooks, two steel anti-lift bolts and three rollers are said to ensure ‘exceptional’ performance and smooth operation.

For greater flexibility, the Excalibur split spindle door lock is extendable and utilises a gearbox which is sprung on both spindles to avoid the need to buy more costly sprung handle sets. A wide choice of components, including a one-piece keep, individual hook roller and centre hook latch and roller keeps, is also available.


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