VBH offers sprung lever handle for aluminium doors

Hardware manufacturer VBH now offers a sprung lever on rose for aluminium residential and bi-fold doors. The handle, which is part of the GreenteQ Aspire range, is available in eight colours of the GreenteQ Suite of matching residential door, patio door and window furniture.

All finishes are covered by the comprehensive GreenteQ 10-year surface and performance guarantee, VBH’s representatives have said. The handle features a strong spring to ensure that it always returns to the 90° position, with no handle droop. The handles have concealed fixings, and there are complementing 4mm escutcheon plates that clip into place on the door. No screws are required to fit the escutcheons.

“The lever is manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel, which is a fittingly high-quality material for top end doors but is, of course, very heavy,” said Gary Gleeson, VBH’s marketing manager. “Our GreenteQ designers paid a lot of attention to ensuring that the perfect strength spring was required. It’s a fine balance between preventing droop and not having it snap to 90° too strongly.

“With the continued and increasing popularity of aluminium doors, it’s important that we continue to bring in new products to suit. The Aspire sprung lever is just one of many products within our range that has been designed specifically for this end of the market. We have always been ‘big in aluminium’ and are the preferred hardware supplier for aluminium manufacturers of all sizes.”

To find out more about GreenteQ Aspire sprung levers. or any other hardware in the VBH range, contact VBH by calling 01634 263263, emailing sales@vbhgb.com or tweeting @vbhgb. Alternatively, visit vbhgb.com.

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