Getting animated about window safety



Max6mum Security from UAP has released a short animation to promote window safety and its Baby and Child Window-Safe restrictor.

,The animation stars Max6mum Security’s superhero mascot, Max, and his twin tots, Milo and Millie. It demonstrates how easy it is for a child to fall from a window and therefore the importance of making sure the opening of a window is restricted.

,The advert not only serves to raise awareness of the fact that 4,000 children a year fall from windows, but to also promote the solution as the Max6mum Security Baby and Child Window-Safe restrictor.

,The video shows Milo and Millie causing havoc as they chase a ball around their tower block apartment, and when the ball bounces out of the window the twins are quick to follow. Luckily, Max is there to save the day, racing down several flights of stairs to catch the kids in the nick of time. The video then shows Max installing the Max6mum Security Baby and Child Window-Safe restrictor, so when the twins follow the ball out of the window a second time, they merely collide with the window, the opening of which is now restricted, and remain safely inside the apartment.

,Max6mum Security’s marketing manager, Ben Jennings, said: “We wanted to do a video that would raise awareness of the issue of children falling from windows and demonstrate just how easily it could happen. However we knew for the video to have any chance of spreading this message it needed to be shareable.

,“This is the reason for choosing to use animation as it provides more freedom and flexibility. We were able to bring Max and his twins to life and use facial expressions and visuals, such as the children falling from the window, that would prove difficult in a live action film. The result is an impactful, humorous film with a serious message at its heart.”

,The advert forms part of Max6mum Security’s ‘Be your child’s superhero’ campaign, which is encouraging parents to make their windows child-safe, as well as helping to promote the Baby and Child Window-Safe restrictor.

,The Baby and Child Window-Safe restrictor restricts the opening of a window to 10cm and can reportedly withstand forces over 100kg, so should a child fall against the window they would remain safely inside the home. A key is also provided should the window need to be opened in an emergency.

,For more information, email, call 0161 796 7268, or visit


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