New fire-resistant glazing standard

ggfThe Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) Fire Resistant Glazing Group (FRGG) has published a new standard covering the specification, supply and installation of fire-resistant barriers containing glass for protection against fire and the effects of combustion.

Fire-resistant glazing is used to limit the risks of fire spread and to give occupiers vital time to get out of the building before conditions become untenable.

The first of its kind, this GGF claims that the new standard not only sets a core criteria for installers but also offers guidance to those who engage installation contractors or are responsible for fire safety in buildings (including owners and facilities managers, risk assessors, fire safety managers and competent persons under the Fire Safety Order).

According to the GGF, the standard is also a ‘useful reference’ for those who are charged with overseeing the application and enforcement of regulations and fire safety legislation.

An associated GGF training module is also available, founded on the criteria set down in the standard, leading to the development of a GGF accredited register of trained installers. Some training has already been carried out, and the GGF intends to develop the training programme across the UK through its regional network.

Giles Willson, deputy group chief executive and director of technical affairs, commented: “In the last few years, the Fire Resistant Glazing Group has taken significant strides in terms of training and in trying to educate the industry on the importance of the correct installation of fire resistant glazing. This new standard is a welcome addition to the GGF Technical library and will be used by the GGF as part of our training programme, which will initially be free for all GGF members. We will shortly be publishing dates and venues for training days across the UK and I urge all member companies who install fire resistant glazing to send their installers to attend.”

The Specification and Installation of Fire-Resistant Barriers containing Glass for Resistance against the passage of Fire and Products of Combustion’ is available for free download on the GGF website

To find out more about the GGF Fire Resistant Glazing Group, please contact Russell Day, GGF technical officer by email

Further information on the Fire Resistant Glazing Group can also be viewed on the GGF website in the group’s pages

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