No frills. No fuss. No headaches

calibreFabricators, installers and members of the trade press were recently introduced to Calibre, one of the newest PVC-U window and door systems on the market, at a special product presentation and Q&A session at Doncaster Racecourse.

,The 70mm multi-chamber window and door system, while wholly owned by Rehau and extruded in Britain at Rehau’s Blaenau manufacturing facility, is a totally independent brand, designed to offer an ‘approachable’, non-technical, but ‘nicely specced’ window and door system that is ‘competitively priced’ and easy to manufacture.

,While the brand was launched last spring, its initial success means it has now been made available to a wider section of the market, as Calibre national sales manager, Danny Hague, explained: “Calibre was originally introduced to meet the demands of a limited number of Rehau customers who wanted a product which would appeal to a more cost conscious area of the market.

,“However, 18 months on from the launch, the popularity of the profile means that it is now being made available to a wider section of the market, which is why we are promoting it to a larger but select audience.”

,Billed as an ideal ‘second system’ option for customers who want to expand the range of products they offer in order to win business, Calibre carries a branding strapline of ‘No frills. No fuss. No headaches,’ and is described as a basic but stylish ‘no nonsense’ product, offering benefits to everyone in the market place.

,For fabricators, this comes in the form of Calibre’s pre-gasketed profiles, which are said to offer ‘simple, speedy manufacture, easier glazing, reduced sightlines, a consistent finish’ and ‘zero hard spots’. For installers, Calibre promises the easy installation of a window that ‘won’t shatter or discolour’, leaving ‘no cause for callback’. For the homeowner, Calibre can reportedly offer all styles of window and a wide range of residential doors, with ‘exceptional reliability, excellent functionality and all the benefits associated with PVC-U, including security, thermal efficiency, low maintenance and excellent acoustics’.

,For more information, contact Danny Hague on 07776 227672 or at

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